Thursday, May 3, 2012


First, an apology.  I haven't posted in a while.  PilotHusband will tell you that it is because he hasn't done anything wrong in a few weeks. SOOOOO NOT TRUE!!!!  I have started a new job and have been working seven days a week to get everything on track.  But I'm baaaaaaaack and there's so much to share with you!  This post is dedicated to Hoserpilot from APC... sorry to keep you waiting, my friend.

When our son was very small, his favorite evening ritual was to snuggle with Mommy in a big chair and read a very sweet ABC book together.  You know the type.  "A is for apple, shiny and red.  B is for bear that you take to bed".  However, most nights, PilotHusband was laying on the adjacent couch (watching the Military Channel) and would interject his own dialogue.  When we got to "G" he would scream "Glide Slope" and when we got to "R", he would scream "Runway".  Eventually, I gave up on the sweet ABC book and wrote a version that PilotHusband would enjoy as well.  So. here it is!

A is for Airplane, that Daddy flies.
B is for Boeing, the best plane in the skies.

C is for Cockpit, where Dad likes to be.
D is for Delta,  God bless Mother D.

E is for E-con, where Dad likes to hang.
F is for Flight Attendents, a most senior gang.

G is for Glide Slope, that brings Daddy down.
H is for Hotel, where Dad sleeps out of town.

I is for Intercom, on which Dad talks to the crew.
J is for Junior, like Daddy and you!

K is for Knots, that tell Daddy how fast.
L is for Landing, Dad greased on his last.

M is for Medical, when Dad pees in a cup.
N is for NOTAMS, that tell Daddy what's up.

O is for Operations, they tell Dad where to fly.
P is for Pilot, a God of the sky.

Q is for Quantas, they can fly a kangaroo.
R is for Ramp Control, they tell Dad what to do.

S is for Scheduling, that send Daddy on trips.
T is for Tower, with a radar that blips.

U is for Uniform, we get dry cleaned in town.
V is for Vertical Speed, that's how fast Dad comes down.

W is for Weather, Dad flies into with sureity.
X is for X-ray, Dad must pass in security.

Y is for Yoke, Airbus lacks, Daddy rags.
Z is for Zipper, that breaks on Daddy's bags.

Now I know my ABCs.  Next time won't you fly with me?

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  1. Very cute! Didn't know the Airbus didn't have a yoke.