Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Airline Pilot Central

Hi boys and girls.  I'm not really posting.  I just wanted to give a shout out to my boys at Airline Pilot Central's Delta thread.  AMEN Brothers!  You identified and outed the Mole!  Padre2992 is a PLANT!!!! Thank you for calling him out.  He's definately either a corporate plant, or a DALPA tool, put in place to lower your expectations regarding contract negotiations. 

Don't let anyone try to insult you by calling you conspiracy theorists.  I for one, have seen the black helicopters, believe in my heart there was a second gunman on the grassy knoll, own a tin foil hat, and know for a fact that Catcher in the Rye holds secret messages.  Be that as it may, God bless you!

Here's a list of my personal heroes, in no particular order.....
Scambo1 (LOVE the Perry the Platypus avitar)
Buzzpat (I love fluff pilots)
80 KTS...
Bill Lumberg
Carl Spackler
and even Capncrunch.

Padre2992 is more dangerous that that idiot pork product dude!  Stay strong, fight the good fight, and hold your head high!  You are all exceptional men.  You DESERVE to be compensated for your knowledge, experience, professionalism, and skill.  You hold the keys to the kingdom... Air Lines CANNOT exist without pilots.  Power to the Pilots!!!!

Oh yeah... I almost forgot Ferd (sorry Brother).


  1. I just showed hubby your post asking him if he knew anyone on the list and he contacted 80 KTS... immediately on FB chat. 80 KTS... was so excited he already re-posted this on APC. HES FAMOUS NOW!!! Also- you're now dubbed the "Queen of internet pilot awesomeness"

    1. It is a title I accept with great gratitude and humility... but I really do effing rock sometimes :D