Thursday, May 10, 2012


Thank you, kind readers, for taking the time to point out and correct the occasional spelling and grammar errors that occur when I combine typing and a crisp Pinot Grigio.  Siht Happens (get it? another type-o. ha ha).  Recently, I received a mass e-mail from the President of our elementary school's Parent Teacher Organization that contained the best type-o of ALL time.

First let me say, I appreciate all of the parent volunteers of the PTO (PTA in some areas of the country).  They play a vital role in raising money and staffing special events for our public school system.  However, it seems a bit like a high school clique that's impossible to penetrate.  So, not being one who likes being left out, you can imagine my chagrin when I received yet another e-mail from the PTO seeking volunteers to count fundraising orders, knowing only those parents who have been involved with the school for a while would actually be allowed to participate.

But this time was different. No, I probably would not be invited to play their reindeer games, but this time it was okay because the e-mail contained the most awesome type-o ever!  The kind gentleman, who is the Organization's President, sent out an e-mail to every member of the PTO, informing everyone that he needed volunteers to count cookie dough orders from the latest fundraiser.  Only instead of typing "c-o-u-n-t" he left out the "o".  (Think about it for a moment)

Yes, that's right.  Everyone received an e-mail stating he was in need of more "cookie c-u-n-t-s"!  Wait it gets better!!!  Instead of typing "the counts", the next line read, "more volunteers are needed for "their c-u-n-t-s".  I was in heaven.  It was soooo deliciously awkward!

There's just no recovering from that... poor guy.  I started to feel bad for him until I read the e-mail again and couldn't stop giggling!  And of course, I forwarded it to as many people as I could!  Maybe next year I'll run for PTO President.  I can see the campaign posters now: "Leadership You Can  C-U-N-T  On". 

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