Wednesday, May 23, 2012


AngryPilotWife is a partner in an Outdoor Living Space Construction Company.  We do patios, decks, sunrooms, outdoor kitchens, firepits, etc.  So today, I was at a jobsite, on Lake Norman, when I looked up from the bricks and mortar, and saw the Loch Ness Monster!  Well, to be technical, the Loch Norman Monster.  I took a blurry cell phone picture of it and rushed home to share it with PilotHusband.  Only I couldn't get a word in edge-wise because PilotHusband was on the phone with CargoPilotBestFriend, asking his opinion of the Tentative Agreement for the new Delta Contract.  Oh well.

That wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that yesterday, while I was digging a french drain, my shovel hit something hard.  After further exploration, I realized I uncovered Jimmy Hoffa's body.  Again, I took a blurry cell phone picture of it and rushed home to tell PilotHusband.  But alas, he didn't hear a single word of it because he was talking to UnitedPilotBuddy about the Delta TA.  Oh well.

The day before that, I was sifting thru all of the excess pavers and stone behind my showroom, and I set down my McDonald's hamburger for a moment.  Along came a furry humanoid, about 7 feet tall, that stole my burger and ran off into the woods.  I was able to take a very blurry cell phone picture of the creature as it departed.  Upon examination of the footprints it left behind, I realized, I just saw Bigfoot!  I rushed home to tell PilotHusband, but he was on the phone with USAirPilotBuddy, discussing the Delta Tentative Agreement.  Oh well.

Later tonight, I plan to set myself on fire, but I doubt PilotHusband will notice.  He's got to call FedExPilotBuddy to get his opinion on the Delta Tentative Agreement.  Oh well.


  1. My pilot husband is on his phone all.the.time since this TA is creating such a buzz. I hear ya!

  2. As the negotiations heat up pilot husband has become much more vocal during phone calls with his union buddy. On a particular night last week both sons came to check on mom's well being as they could hear dad yelling rather loudly-(through the floor and past earphones). They assumed it must be directed toward mom as no one else was here to listen! Imagine that, something actually got teenage boys attention besides girls and video games. Oddly enough, this is the same dad that has never been seen at a parent/teacher conference and usually tells mom to "handle it." God love 'em they do get passionate about their contracts.