Wednesday, August 8, 2012


No. No. No.  This is not a tale of forbidden love in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia!  What I mean to say is, life with PilotHusband, is becoming more and more like living with a teen aged girl.   Really.  At this rate, its only a matter of time before there are Justin Bieber posters hanging on my walls.

Last night, I needed to use the phone to return a friend's call.  PilotHusband was on the phone with his BFF (best friend forever, for those of you not hip to the vernacular of the teen girl).  Two hours, five dirty looks, and a "Get off the F-ing phone" later, he was till chatting away.  And trust me on this... PilotHusband does not have 2 hours worth of interesting things to talk about.  By the time he finally got off the phone, it was too late for decently mannered folks to place a call.

Then we need to consider the time spent in front of the mirror.  Sure, for the teen girl, mirror time involves acne assessment and perfecting the newest popular hairstyle.  For PilotHusband, it involves the quest to rid himself of unwanted ear and nose hair.  However, PilotHusband logs just as many hours in front of the looking glass as any reader of Seventeen Magazine.

Let's talk about social interaction, shall we?  Evidently PilotHusband's full time job is not actually aviation.  It is FaceBook.  I would expect men to judge each other by the size of their equipment (interpret that any way you choose; did APW mean aircraft, or something else?).  But when your PilotHusband is actually a teen age girl in disguise, you judge each other by the number of FaceBook friends you have.

Later tonight we're going to listen to The Jonas Brothers and One Direction while we paint our toenails!

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Much Love to All!

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