Friday, August 3, 2012


It occured to me today, as I sat with one of my dearest friends, sipping Starbucks, chatting away, that women and PilotHusbands are very different when it comes to friends.  AngryPilotWife has lots of different types of friends.  Some are good at shopping, some are good at advice, some are deep thinkers, and some are the type that get their bra stuck in the ceiling fan blades until it is propelled out the window, into the shrubbery below (sorry, Angie).  Here's a list of the different types of friends AngryilotWife has.... and the PilotHusband Buddy equivalent.

APW HAS "THE MARTHA STEWART FRIEND":  I have a friend who is a genius at baking and cooking and entertaining.  If you have unexpected company show up for dinner and all you have is a can of salmon. pickles, mayo, and stale bread, she can coach you through preparing a dill infused salmon mousse.  (PilotHusband has UnitedPilotBuddy, who makes a pretty good salsa.)

APW HAS "THE GOOD ADVICE FRIEND":  This is the woman I can call and share any drama with her, and after she listens thoughtfully, she asks me pointed questions to guide me down the right path.  (PilotHusband has DHLPilotBuddy, who listens to him and then says "Dude, what the hell were you thinking?)

APW HAS "THE FUNDRAISER FRIEND":  Yes, I get sucked in to every Tupperware Party, and Pampered Chef Party she throws, but any time my child has to sell something for some school fundraiser, I can send him to her door, knowing she will purchase $40 worth of cookies, wrapping paper, candy bars, or whatever other crap the kids are selling.  (PilotHusband has UPSPilotBuddy who frequently buys a round or two, or three, or twelve)

APW HAS "THE SEX IN THE CITY FRIEND":  We can sit around at any restaurant and discuss our sex lives in graphic detail, laughing all the way.  (PilotHusband has ContinentalPilotBuddy who says "Dude, did you tap that?"  Then Pilot Husband says "no", and ContinentalPilotBuddy says "yeah, me neither")

APW HAS THE "HANDY FRIEND":  This is the friend that knows how to install a ceiling fan, connect a new dishwasher, and had teen aged sons that will help you move furniture.  (PilotHusband has FedExPilotBuddy that tells him who to hire to do everything for him).

APW HAS "THE I'LL GET THE SHOVEL, YOU GET THE BLEACH FRIEND":  The greatest compliment ever bestowed on APW was when one of my friends said, "If I needed to call someone to help me dispose of a body, you'd be the first number I dialed".  Some friends will help you through extraordinary circumstances.  (PilotHusband has.... no equivalent)

No person can be all things to all people.  Respect and appreciate your friends for what they do best and what they, uniquely, contribute to your life.

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