Tuesday, November 20, 2012


PilotHusband has been flying passengers professionally for 18 years now.  Given that the Wednesday through Sunday surrounding Thanksgiving Day is the busiest aviation travel period of the year, it is a given that he will have to work.  Duh. Way back when AngryPilotWife was HappyFlightAttendentGirlfriend, I knew Thanksgiving would fall somewhere in the middle of a 4 day trip, and the closest I'd get to a Thanksgiving dinner would be a turkey sandwich from Subway on Wednesday or Friday.  Its just the way it is.  You accept it... unless you are PilotHusband. 

Each year at this time, he starts to complain about being abused by scheduling.  He whines about missing Thanksgiving, yet again.  He bitches and moans about how hard he's working (keep in mind, this was the man that laid on our couch watching the Military Channel through most of September and October).  The complaints are endless.

Yet this is man who doesn't enjoy the company of extended family (actually, I'm in total agreement with him on that one).  He hates turkey... unless its the "Wild" kind that comes in a bottle.  And, much like his theories regarding Valentine's Day, he objects to Thanksgiving Day on a conceptual level, insisting it is a holiday manufactured by the Butterball Turkey Company and the Ocean Spray Cranberry Growers Conglomerate.  So what is he sooooo pissed off about?

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I am thankful for PilotHusband, our beautiful son, loved ones, friends, and YOU, dear reader.


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