Sunday, April 22, 2012


So... PilotHusband has been home for several days now.  Yes, he's technically on long call duty, but it hasn't prevented him from lying on the couch, to watch the Military Channel.  After several days of this, Mother D scheduling finally called tonight.  I answered the phone, ebullient at the prospect of PilotHusband FINALLY getting a trip.  I skipped, no... I sashayed... nay, I floated, to bring PilotHusband the phone knowing that he was finally going to be assigned a trip.  But NOOOOOOO! Mother D Scheduling saw fit to put PlotHusband on "rest".  Evidently, laying on the couch, watching the Military Channel is very tiring.  ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?!?

Change of topic.  With inspiration from "Nerd" at APC, I have decided to start a TOOL OF THE YEAR CONTEST.  That's right!  This is your chance to vent about every IdiotPilot you've flown with.  Like the guy who likes to make 20 minute PA announcements at 2:00 a.m. on a red-eye flight outlining his resume.  Or the guy who dons driving gloves to handle the MadDog.  We've all suffered through them.  So here's your opportunity to vent.  Simply click on my profile, then click on "email".. Or simply go to  Send me a brief (or highly detailed) description of the PILOT TOOL you were forced to endure.  Names will be changed to protect the guilty. Duplicate stories will be given credit to the first submission.  All entries will be incorporated into a post about "What Kind Of Tool Are You?"  The TOP FIVE will be placed in a poll for viewers to vote on.  The winning submission will win a APW t-shirt and a gift card to Outback Steakhouse.  So start unleashing your rage... I can take it!  Have at it!  We'll keep collecting your offerings until May 15, 2012.  So let the Pilot Bashing begin!