Thursday, January 31, 2013


We have a six year old boy.  Hence, we watch alot of Phineas and Pherb cartoons.  In case you are not in the loop on this one, their pet platypus, Perry, is actually Secret Agent P with O.W.A.C.A. (the Organization Without A Cool Acronym).  How sad for Perry the Platypus.  However Pilots have plenty of cool acronyms to fall back on. 

I have spend almost two decades listening to PilotHusband spout off acronyms.  It started with how its VFR or IFR, then it progressed to talking to ATC.   Now we discuss DMEs, PIREPs, MDAs, CPDLCs, and SATCOMs.

I have news for you, Boys.  AngryPilotWives have their own acronyms!  Here's a brief list of acronyms to look out for.

FOA: First Officer Asshole (a pet name for my PilotHusband).
DGAS:  Don't Give A Shit; as in our child has the Chicken Pox, so I don't give a shit about your last overnight.
CA:  Captain Asshole (a pet name for senior PilotWives).
GOMC:  Get Off My Couch.  As in, you've been home for three days, so get ff my couch and do something!
FUPH:  (pronounced "fuff")  Eff you, PilotHusband.  Do you really need further explanation?
UTMeTSA:  You Told Me That Story Already.
SDUJuST:  Seriously, Did You Just Say That?
W, URAJ:  Wow, You Are A Jackass.

Now that we all speak the same language of acronyms, maybe we can communicate more effectively.  But I doubt it.


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