Friday, December 14, 2012


For those of you who follow APW on Facebook, you know that recently we had to put down our ancient, beloved cat, Norman.  Your kind words were a great comfort to me.  I was also comforted by the fact that Norman the Large lived long enough to mentor our new rescue kitten.

Here are Norman's rules for achieving Cat Awesomeness...

1.  Love your people thoroughly.

2.  Hang out with the short people at meal times.  They frequently drop yummy things on the floor.

3.  Find the square of sunshine on the floor and lay there.  As long as you look cute, no one will mind.

4.  Grooming is important.

5.  Be curious... but don't get trapped in a closet.

6.  Wait until PilotHusband leaves town before you decide his pillow is the best place to nap.

7.  Do NOT, under any circumstances, climb the Christmas tree.  Its just not worth it.

8.  Only use the sofa as a scratching post when no one else is around.

9.  Snuggle aggressively at bedtime.

10.  Respect the dog... but don't put up with any crap.

11.  Use your claws judiciously.

12.  Never over do it on the catnip.  You will look loopy and embarrass yourself.

13.  If you wipe out when trying to climb the curtains, recover quickly and act like you meant to do that.  Remember, looking cool is important.

14.  No matter how tempting, the dryer and the microwave are really bad places to hide.

15.  When in doubt, curl up in some one's lap and purr.

Actually, these are pretty good rules for everyone... except for the last one.  That could get you into trouble. 

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