Sunday, July 22, 2012


For the past several months, PilotHusband has been making me cut his hair at home, instead of his usual bi-monthly trips to the barber.  No, I am not a hair dresser... no, I do not work in a salon... I run a construction company.  But cutting his hair is not that hard to do.  I use a simple #2 blade with the clippers (the same clippers I use on the dog) around the back and sides, trim over his ears, and trim the top ever so slightly.  Ironically, the dog is better and holding still (and not bitching) than PilotHusband... but we get through it.  I keep threatening to shave an obscene word in the back of his hair... but we get through it.

Lately, after his "free" haircut, PilotHusband has taken to bragging to me about how much money he is saving by NOT going to the Barber anymore.  He's even figured out how much money, annually, he is saving, including his customary tip.  WRONG!

You see, every time PilotHusband makes me cut his hair,  I remove all of the cash from his wallet.  That's usually somewhere between 40 and 60 dollars.  Then, if he was especially bitchy while I was doing it (constantly reminding me how to cut his hair, what length the sides need to be, how to shave the back of his neck etc.) I write myself a check out of his bank account, and deposit it into mine.  And, if he makes me cut his hair when I get home after a long arduous day at work, when he doesn't even have a trip the next day, I remove his debit card from his wallet and go shopping.

A trip to the Barber .... $20 including tip.
Making your AngryPilotWife cut your hair.... PRICELESS.

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