Monday, March 5, 2012


Just like Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music, PilotHusband has his favorite things.  But you can bet your ass it doesn't include whiskers on kittens or bright copper kettles.  Here's a partial list, in no particular hierarchical order.

1.   Airplanes.

2.   Flying airplanes.

3.   Talking about flying airplanes.

4.   Talking to other people who fly airplanes.

5.   Bitching about flying airplanes.

6.   Forums that bitch about flying airplanes (Sorry APC, love ya' anyway).

7.   Bitching with other people who fly airplanes.

8.   Steak.

9.   Beer.

10.  Jim, Jack, Johnnie, and Jose (NO, these are not fellow pilots).

11.  Internet Porn.

12.  Learning how to delete your login history so your Wife doesn't bitch about Internet porn.

13.  Boobs.

14.  Big boobs.

15.  Big boats.

16.  Big watches.

17.  Big airplanes.

18.  Big paychecks.

19.  Laying on the couch.

20.  Waaaaaaait for it..... watching the Military Channel!

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