Friday, February 24, 2012


Just like Gregory Peck in Twelve O'Clock High, or Tom Cruise in Top Gun, we expect pilots to be bold and brash.  We want them to be confident, larger than life, figures.  We want them to have "Guts", and perhaps, we want them to have "Balls".  The distinction is a bit fuzzy.  For decades, Wordsmiths, English Professors, and Philosophers have debated the subtle difference.  I am unsure how to address the almost imperceptible differences of the two terms, except by providing examples of each.

GUTS... You come home way too late after a night out drinking with your PilotBuddies to find your Wife standing just inside the door, menacingly, holding a broom.  You look at her and say, "Are you still cleaning the house, or were you getting ready to fly somewhere?".  That, my friends, is "Guts".

BALLS... You come home drunk, way too late, after you were supposed to be out with the boys, reeking of cheap perfume, with lipstick on your collar.  When confronted by your Wife, posed menacingly just inside the door, you slap her on the ass and say "You're next, Sweetlips!".  That, my friends, is "Balls".

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  1. Bahaaaa! Ha! Baaa! Lol! And I'm not one to carelessly throw around a "Bahaaaa! Ha! Baaa! Lol!" Great blog!