Monday, January 30, 2012


It started small.  Just a few aviation themed magnets on the fridge.  Slowly over time, we added more and more aviation decor.  There was the plane shaped light in the kitchen, the airplane light fixture in our son's room, the enamel retro signs  proclaiming "airplane pilot on duty" in the guest bathroom.  Now I don't want everything in the house painted pink with a floral motif; I am all for letting the man have some things in the house that reflect his unique personality.  But beware!  With Air Line Pilots, it is  indeed a slippery slope.  If you let them hang one single aircraft picture, it's just a matter of time before your home looks like the gift shop at the Air and Space Museum!

The first indication that I was in big trouble was when we found the illuminated Piedmont Airlines sign that formerly hung outside the Tom Davis Center in Winston-Salem, at a flea market.  Oh yeah!  That bad boy was coming home with us.  It is now displayed (in all of it's 6 foot by 7 foot glowing glory), in our family room.  Next came the gi-normous Hooters Air poster of the original aircraft.  That sucker is matted and framed in our living room (about 4 foot x 5 foot).  After that the flood gates opened.

Every Pilot Buddy who had a wife smart enough to not start down that path, brought their "aviation treasures" to our house.  We quickly added USAir destination posters, Pan Am signs, seat back safety briefing cards from every  major airline, stir sticks, cocktail napkins, barf bags, and the crowning glory... a Delta Air Lines terminal sign rescued from the airplane graveyard in the Arizona desert by Spice Jet Captain Buddy.  So Martha Stewart be damned, I now live in an aviation museum.  Sigh. 

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