Saturday, February 18, 2012


Given than Pilot Husband is either not here, or laying semi-catatonic on the sofa in front of the Military Channel, I have decided to amuse myself by embarking on a new career as a Country Western song writer.  Here is a list of songs I am working on....

"If I Had Shot You When I First Wanted To, I'd Be Out By Now"

"I Like My Wine In A Box, Not Out Of Your Mouth"

"How Can I Miss You, When You Won't Leave?"

"They Put Ol' Yeller Down For Acting Like That"

"I Can't Get This Lump Out Of The Sofa... Oh Wait, That's You"

"I Miss My Man.... Nevermind, You're Still Here"

"Jack, Jim, Bud, and Jose Aren't Really Your Friends"

"If You Have To Come Home, Walk In Backwards, So It Feels Like You're Leaving Again"

"So You're a Bus Driver... Just At a Higher Altitude"

Stand by One, for the new album, coming soon on i tunes.


  1. how about this one: "Is that a flashlight in your pocket?, or are you glad to see me"

  2. Just love the blog, just flew with the angry pilots wife pilot, he sure was not showing any anger, actually was looking forward to returning home to the angry housewife, imagine that? I suggested if it was thirty years ago and I had seen him then he might be flying the 14day trip and we would see the world together, I think I scared him to death, he locked the cockpit door and I never saw him again.Take good care of the pilot and have no fears, there are not many pilots older than the fa's, "these be new times in the sky", most of the pilots just call us MOM. Love your site, have a good night Dottie (the lady in red)

    1. Dottie, I love you! Glad to know you are up there taking care of my man! Keep an eye on him though... he really has done everything I've talked about on the blog! Much love and respect to all the senior mamas in red! Anyone with the good sense God gave a tree stump knows, women get better with age... like fine wine. You girls are the BEST!