Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Having an airline schedule can be entertaining when it comes to how your neighbors perceive you.  Pilot Husband and I both worked trips most every weekend, when most of our neighbors were off.  That meant that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, when the "normal" folks came home from work, we were poolside, drinking beer, living like a rock star.  With the help of some close friends in the neighborhood, we stoked the rumor mill.  Our friends told anyone who enquired as to why we seemed to always be home, living a life of leisure, that AngryPilotWife was an heiress, who's father had invented the Post-It Note, and Pilot Husband was my "boytoy".  Sorry... we thought it was hilarious.

Things got really interesting when we took in a friend to "crash pad" at our condo.  Pilot Husband and Critter Pilot Buddy were both working for the same commuter airline at the time. Critter Pilot Buddy lived out of base, so he used our condo, just north of CLT, on Lake Norman, as a crash pad.  We were all the best of friends, and we had an extra bedroom so the situation seemed perfect... until the neighbors took notice.  It took a while... both men had blond hair, blue eyes, and wore the same Captain's uniform.  Eventually, the neighbors noticed that one "husband" drove a black car, and the other "husband" drove a blue car.  One "husband" would leave the condo on Thursday night, and the other "husband" would show up on Friday morning. 

I had no problem with this whatsoever, as it made me look pretty cool.  Neighbors noticed that I went to the movies with husband "B", and then went out to dinner the next night with husband"A".  Finally, our co-conspirator friends chimed in and let our neighbors know that in addition to being the Post-It-Note heiress, we were Mormons from Utah, so it was all good.

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  1. So funny, I have two husbands, and we say it is reverse polygamy. :)