Friday, January 27, 2012

WHY IS IT.... ?

Why is it that Pilot Husband can navigate all over the globe, but if there's a wreck on Highway 150, he can't find an alternate route home?

Why is it that he can listen to the Captain, monitor Radio One, and monitor Guard on Radio Two, but when I ask him to take out the garbage, he claims he never heard me?

Why is it he hasn't flown a trip since December 27th, but he knows every rumor circulating at the Air Line? (oh yeah!  Thanks "Angry Pilot Central"... I mean, "Airline Pilot Central")

Why is it he knows every cool cafe in 200+ cities, but he can't find the Lunchables for our son at the grocery store?

Why is it he can make critical flight decisions, but he can't match up his own socks?

Why is it he is entrusted with a mode of transportation that can cost 100s of millions of dollars, but he keeps locking his keys in his car?

Why is it he keeps telling me that he "holds hundreds of people's lives in" the palm of his hand, but he won't fill the dog's water bowl, or pick up a bag of cat food on his way home?

Why is it that he has memorized the hydraulics and electrical schematics for a Boeing 767, but he can't (won't) change a light bulb?

Why is it that any of this surprises me anymore? : )

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  1. I LOVE this soo true I always wondered how he can find his way in the air, but couldn't read a map in a car!